A Right, Royal Street Party Knee’s Up!

Royal Wedding Street Parties Cardiff

So I know most of you will have had it up to here with with all this Royal Wedding coverage so I will forgive you for possibly wishing death upon me for inflicting more on you, but please give me 5 minutes of your time to tell you about my day covering the street parties in Cardiff on Friday.

I came up with a plan late on Thursday evening to attempt to cycle round 22 street parties in 11 hours. I had been suffering with acute back pain all week and, as hindsight would have it, it was a bit of an ambitious proposition that I had laid on for myself. This was my hastily assembled, Blue Peter style plan of action:

Aptly, I woke up in loads of pain so in a last minute change of plan I decided to walk the route and hope that I could get round as many of the parties as possible. I guzzled a couple of co-codamol and a McMuffin before heading down to the city centre to catch the first bit of action on the big screen at 11am, and then began my quest around the city. Out of the first four parties, 2 were set up but deserted, and the other two weren’t there at all (‘The Rise’ on Google Street Maps didn’t exist on my route – sorry if I missed you). After that the parties were getting into full-swing and the atmosphere was just superb throughout. In the end I managed to get round 10 street parties, 1 house party, 1 slumber party, got through 5 co-codamol and came home with 500 pictures and 3 blisters after 7 hours of trekking. This was my final route:

And so, if you’ve read this far, let me thank you for humouring my ramblings and now lets get down to business! As I said, it starts a bit slow and apologies Severn Grove and Fairleigh Road for being too early to do their parties justice. Of course there are hundreds more pictures than I’ve put here but I’m probably in danger of breaking the internet and your computer if I add anymore. It’s all in chronological order so I hope you enjoy my journey through the streets of Cardiff on the, now infamous, Royal Wedding day!

The Hayes, Cardiff City Centre


Kyveilog Street, Pontcanna


Severn Grove, Pontcanna


(Terry Phillips – Severn Grove organiser)


Fairleigh Road, Pontcanna

(Chris – one of the Fairleigh Road organiser’s)


Theobald Road, Canton




Hamilton Road, Pontcanna

Oakley Place, Grangetown

(Sharon – Oakley Place organiser)


Grange Place, Grangetown


Avondale Crescent, Grangetown

(L-R Sharon, Ceri-Anne and Ceri apologies if I’ve spelt your names wrong!))


Louisa Street, Butetown



Augusta Street, Splott

(right) Debbie – party organiser


Miskin Street, Cathays

COPYRIGHT NOTICE Copyright © 2011 Tom Ashmore (United Kingdom), All rights reserved.
This artwork can’t be used in any form without written consent from its author.


  1. Ceri Smale 02/05/2011 Reply

    Cheers Tom, thanks for putting our pictures on your site. You did get our names right. we had such a fab day but not much time to take photos of our own so these are fab. thanks again. ceri x

    • Author
      Tom Ashmore 03/05/2011 Reply

      Great stuff – nice to hear from you Ceri. Your party rocked!

  2. DJ Leekee 03/05/2011 Reply

    Amazing work Tom! You really captured the atmosphere around Cardiff!


  3. andy pearsall 05/05/2011 Reply

    great work Tom, would look really good in the exhibition. i’ll pick my favorites later tonight or tomorrow


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